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IWKA Summercamp 2019

After two intensive days of learning the Seung Kong Set of the Tang Yick Weng Chun Lineage, Sifu Jurgen Baha received his certificate from his Sigung (Sifu Sunny So) at the Italian IWKA HQ 👊☯️🙏

About Sifu Sunny & Grandmaster Tang Yick (Yik)

Sifu Sunny was the last and youngest student of Grandmaster (GM) Tang Yik. Sifu Sunny studied and mastered many different styles of Martial Arts such as Karate, White Crane and Chi Sim Wing Chun / Weng Chun.

The Tang Yick Weng Chun system is one of the many lineages which has been integrated into our IWKA system, by Sifu Sergio. If you're interested to find out more about our IWKA Wing Tjun System you should have a look at this WingTjun article.

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