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Have you ever thought about being a Martial Arts Instructor for adults, children, or maybe even both? Have you ever dreamt about opening your own IWKA Kung Fu School in Australia? Do you want to sink your teeth into the comprehensive IWKA curriculum and take your knowledge and kung fu skills to a higher level?

You can express your interest for our Certified Instructor Course at the Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA Kwoon.

CIT Kids

Our IWKA Certified Instructor Training (CIT) Program is open for new applications.

Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA is looking for enthusiastic people who want to become part of the Instructor Team. You can train to become a Part-Time or Full-Time Martial Arts Instructor. You can also take this opportunity to get a better and deeper understanding of the IWKA system.

IWKA Brisbane Instructors

We can provide you with the knowledge you need and help you on your way to succeed as an IWKA Instructor. You can be part of a worldwide organisation and learn one of the most effective Martial Arts Systems in the world.


In addition to your Leadership Classes, weekly instructor training including a fortnightly instructor training and a fortnightly intensive weekend training session and special seminars with Sifu Jürgen Baha will get you ready on your journey of becoming a Professional Martial Artist.

Entry Requirements / Selection Criteria

•    You should be at least 18 years old

•    You should be in good physical and mental condition

•    You should know how to handle other people with respect

•    You must not have any previous legal convictions against you

Great journeys take time. It can take approximately two years to become an IWKA Group Leader.


However, how much time and how far that journey will take you varies per individual.  It depends on where you are now, how much time and energy you are willing to invest and how far you want to go.

Do you wish to be part of our team? Please contact us by completing the form on the contact page,  you will receive more information and further instructions. Please contact Sifu Jürgen Baha for further information directly on 1300 855 330.

Are you ready to take your Kung Fu to the next level?

Green IWKA shirt Group Leader.png
black belt shirt IWKA.png

        IWKA Group Leader                                                                                  IWKA Instructor  

8th Student Level Green Belt                                                               12th Student Level Black Belt

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