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Self Defence Skills

Discipline & Perseverance


Respect & Teamwork

Stranger & Bullying Awareness

Focus & Concentration

Physical Training

Emotional Acceptance

Self Confidence & Mindfulness


Our educational Kids & Juniors programs are so much more than learning how to block, punch & kick and have been designed to give children & teenagers the gift of increased emotional and physical self-esteem. The IWKA KUNG FU System is the tool we use to deliver the development and growth of the core values listed further above. In its original meaning, Kung Fu can refer to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial arts. Our programs aim to complement and support the development and education children are receiving at home and school.

The IWKA KIDS & IWKA JUNIORS KUNG FU programs have been proven to be very successful in IWKA Academies all over the world in countries like Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Italy, UK and Greece for many years now. At the European IWKA HQ Academy in Amsterdam, the Kids Kung Fu Classes are even so popular that they run on seven days per week and are completely booked out. Now it's Australia's turn, and at KUNG FU BRISBANE IWKA, we're only getting started!


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KUNG FU PANDAS (3-5 yrs)

In our Kung Fu Panda classes, we aim to build-up the children's self-confidence, and that they can recognise and prevent dangerous situations from occurring. Your child will know how to get help, and if necessary be able to defend him/herself physically, but the priority lies in using verbal defence skills to not become a potential victim in the first place. The Pandas learn everything more playfully with a strong focus to improve their motor skills and their body & spatial awareness.

KUNG FU TIGERS (6-8 yrs)

In our Tiger Classes, the focus lies on improving the children's concentration by teaching more complex Martial Arts movements and Kung Fu forms to build a strong body-mind connection which will also benefit their performance at school and in everyday life. With our stranger-awareness & anti-bullying program, your child will learn to show, protect & defend its boundaries, and even more so, how to recognize & prevent these situations in the first place.


KUNG FU DRAGONS (9-11 yrs)

With the IWKA Dragons, we also have a firm focus on skills like concentration, balance & coordination. The children learn higher IWKA Kung Fu forms and exercises and do more partner training and learn less playful than our Kung Fu Pandas & Tigers. Furthermore, the Dragons learn to be more responsible and how to work well in a team. The  IWKA Anti-Bullying and Stranger-Awareness Program  are also present in our Dragon Classes, so the children know how to be safe when they are on their own at school and on their way to it as well as any other activities away from home.

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KUNG FU JUNIORS (12-15 yrs)

Our Kung Fu Junior Classes are full of positive energy with a strong focus on moving well, getting stronger, fitter and being more mindful and respectful. Furthermore, the adolescents learn to recognise and avoid dangerous situations and how to de-escalate conflicts with confidence. And when it becomes unavoidable, they will know how to use their gained self-defence skills safely and effectively to be able to protect themselves and others against bullies and hostile strangers.


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