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General FAQ

general faq

Who can learn our Educational IWKA Martial Arts Training Programs (IWKA Wing Tjun, IWKA Taiji, IWKA Juniors and IWKA Kids Kung Fu)?

Our martial art classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It has many physical and mental benefits based on ancient Chinese knowledge of Mastering the Body, Mind and Energy. Read on to find more about our IWKA programs.

What is IWKA Juniors

Our Kung Fu Junior Classes are full of positive energy with a strong focus on moving well, getting stronger, fitter and being more mindful and respectful.  The students learn to recognise and avoid dangerous situations and how to de-escalate conflicts with confidence. And when it becomes unavoidable, they will know how to use their gained self-defence skills safely and effectively to be able to protect themselves and others against bullies and hostile strangers.

What is IWKA Taiji Quan (Tai Chi)?

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art. It's widely practised as a graceful & gentle form of exercise with many health benefits.  It's also referred to as meditation in motion, and one of the most effective exercises for synchronizing the body and the mind. Additionally, it can cultivate one's martial power dramatically, if practised correctly, and with that intention & goal in mind.

Do you offer casual training sessions?

We have programs in place for those who want to invest in acquiring Kung Fu skills (Wing Chun or Tai Chi). Like in any other art or sport, it's required to train regularly to get the best results. Nevertheless, we have obligation-free trial sessions available for all of our programs.

What does IWKA stand for?

IWKA stands for Internal Wisdom & Knowledge Association. It was founded by Grand Master Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola who has carried out extensive research into the history behind Wing Chun & Tai Chi. His comprehensive martial arts & internal arts knowledge is shared around the world in the form of the IWKA Wing Tjun, IWKA Taiji & IWKA Kids Kung Fu Training Systems.

What is IWKA Wing Tjun (Wing Chun)

Wing Chun translates to “Beautiful Spring” and is a Chinese martial art and self-defence system. The idea behind it is not about using strength and brute force against force. It’s about using energy, structure and angles to outsmart and control any opponent, no matter size or strength. ​

What is IWKA Kids Kung Fu?

We teach kung fu to kids aged 4-12 years, divided into three age-specific categories and classes; Kung Fu Pandas (4-5yrs), Kung Fu Tigers (6-8yrs) and Kung Fu Dragons (9-12yrs). We offer unique programs that focus profoundly on personal development rather than just the physical aspects of martial arts. We guide the children to gain more self-confidence, discipline, respect, improve their social capabilities and build up their strength, agility, flexibility and focus.

Where can I find the most up to date timetables?

Visit for the most up to date time timetables.

What do I bring or wear to class?

Please bring a towel and a bottle of water, and wear footwear when you arrive. Always wear your uniform when you're training and bring your PPE (protection gear) to training. If you would like to purchase spare uniform tees, training pants or personal protective equipment, please talk to your instructor. If you visit us for a trial class,  you can wear a t-shirt and comfortable exercise pants. 

Trials FAQ

Trial FAQ

Do I need to book a trial class before I come in?

It is required to make a booking first for a trial class as we have limited spots available. You can fill out the form on the contact us page, and we will get in touch with you ASAP to arrange a time & date for your visit.

What should I bring to a trial class?

Please bring a towel, water bottle, your photo I.D. and wear comfortable sportswear (preferred would be a light coloured t-shirt/singlet and black long/short sports pants).

How do I sign up for a trial class?

To secure your spot, go to the contact us page and fill out the form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Or you can call us on 1300 855 330 to talk to us directly.

Kids Kung Fu FAQ

Kids FAQ

What time and days are you running kids classes?

We run 6 Kids Kung Fu (and 2 Kung Fu Juniors/Teens) classes per week. The kids' classes are divided into three age-specific groups and run at different times; Pandas (4-5yrs), Tigers (6-8yrs) and Dragons (9-12yrs). The timetables can be viewed here.

From what age can I enrol my child(ren)?

Your child is most welcome from the age of three.

How do I book in trial classes for my kids?

Please complete the contact form on the contact us page and we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your child's trial spot. 

How many instructors are there in each Kids Kung Fu & Kung Fu Juniors class?

Every class is given by at least two instructors. There is always one lead instructor and one assistant instructor.

What are the group sizes?

The size for each Kids Kung Fu program is limited to 15-20 children per class.

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