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Learn Wing Chun 

Kung Fu in Brisbane

Experience Wing Chun Yourself & Gain

Improved Health & Well-Being

Increased Energy Levels

Self-Defence Skills

Self Confidence

Strong Body-Mind Connection


Breathe & Move Better

Inner & Outer Strength

Increased  Fitness

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What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun translates to "Beautiful Spring" and is a Chinese martial art and self-defence system. The idea behind it is not about using strength and brute force against force. It’s about using energy, structure and angles to outsmart any opponent. This martial art is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It has many physical and mental benefits based on ancient Chinese knowledge of Mastering the Body, Mind and Energy.

The IWKA Wing Tjun Kung Fu System is based on decades of research done by Sifu Sergio, IWKA founder and author of "The 6 Core Elements - The Siu Lin Tau and History of Wing Chun". Diverse lineages of Wing Chun were researched, including

  • Ip Man

  • Yuen Kay San

  • Gu Lao

  • The 1700’s Siu Lin Tau Art

  • Vietnamese Wing Chun

  • Tang Yick Weng Chun and

  • Fujian White Crane and Emei.

What is Wing Chun at IWKA Brisbane?

At our 'kwoon' (Kung Fu school) we are like a family full of people from diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures where students and instructors refer to each other as brothers and sisters and help each other to improve their skills in an ego-free environment. Our classes are a well-balanced combination of solo and partner training, where our students safely learn and practice at their own pace in a fun and engaging way.


No matter your goals, age, size, gender, martial arts experience or fitness levels, our friendly team and members of Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA will meet you regardless of where you are now and support you to get to where you want to be.

Great team, well-equipped space, and a super convenient location. Loving it. 

Bonnie// Wing Chun Student

Kung Fu for women

Wing Chun Kung Fu training makes you stronger and more powerful from the inside out and is perfect for women! It's the gained technical skills that make the big difference to overcome brute force. Students with more advanced skills can outsmart a bigger and stronger training partner and control them with confidence. In our Ritual Fight Programs you learn a variety of self-defence scenarios how to show, guard, and defend your boundaries verbally & physically, so you're in control of any situation and don't become the victim in verbal & physical assaults. 

IWKA Kung Fu women
IWKA kung fu for adults

Kung Fu for men

With IWKA Wing Tjun you will develop better reflexes, increase your strength, heighten your agility and learn to strike with power and efficiency. While we hope that you never have to use these skills outside of practice, we do believe that it is essential to know how to defend yourself. With our Ritual Fight Programs (RFP) you learn to prevent fights with advanced de-escalation techniques to assess any situation and how to stay away from dangerous people and places to avoid potential problems. Take control of your life, defeat fear, and if necessary, know how to defend yourself instinctively and effectively to protect yourself and loved ones.

Kung Fu for teenagers (Juniors)

Our Wing Chun for Juniors program is tailored to Young Adults and Teenagers (13 -15 years). Our IWKA Wing Tjun for Juniors is a well-balanced combination of Martial Arts and Fitness. The Juniors will learn to combine inner and outer strength, endurance, self-defence and flexibility. The Juniors program is similar to the IWKA Wing Tjun Adults Program.

By exposing young adults to a range of Wing Chun Kung Fu concepts and principles their training will be fun, energetic as well as effective in providing them with a well-balanced approach to defending themselves.


IWKA kung fu juniors boys

Find out more in-depth information about the IWKA Wing Tjun System

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