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IWKA Taiji & Qigong

Experience IWKA Taiji and reap the benefits 

Boost Your Immune System


Synchronise Your Body & Mind

Boost Your Energy Levels


Increase Bone Density

Improve Your Posture & Balance


Breath, Move And Sleep Better

Calm Your Mind & Release Tension

Relieve Chronic Pain

What is Tai Chi?

Taijiquan or Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese Internal Martial Art. Tai Chi is well-known for its health purposes and less for developing combat and self-defence skills. The gentle nature of Tai Chi practice makes it accessible to a wide range of practitioners and has been proven to increase one's health & well-being of the body and the mind.

What's Tai Chi

Experience the Benefits and Internal Energy of Tai Chi & QIGONG

Meditation in motion

Tai Chi is often referred to as moving meditation. There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice can contribute to healing and preventing many health problems like arthritis, neck and back problems and many other health issues. You can start Tai Chi anytime, even if you aren't in the best shape or the best of health. It's never too late - Now is the right time!

"I started Tai Chi with a knee injury. With every practice, the pain got less. Last Wednesday, my pain was hardly there. With the Tai Chi practice, I hopefully will be totally pain-free soon. Thanks for the encouragement and good teaching, Sifu!"

/ Elisabeth, 66 years

Learn the IWKA Taiji System

The IWKA Taiji System that we teach can be truly transformative to your Body, Mind and Energy. Its curriculum is based on three pillars of Yang Tai Chi that IWKA Head & Founder Sifu Sergio Iadarola studied and can take you as deeply as you wish on your Tai Chi Journey:


1. The complete teachings of the late Grandmaster Huang Shen Shyan under several of his students in Taiwan, Singapore and New Zealand, including the Huang Taiji Loosening Exercises, his 37 postures form, "The Melting Man" Zhan Zhuang (standing-post-meditation) and all two-men push-hand sets. 


2. The Yang Taiji teachings of Sifu Sam Tam, including the advanced 37 Postures Form and "The Balloon Man" Zhan Zhuang which is the "engine" cultivated and used to "drive" that advanced form. 


3. The complete Tian Zhaolin lineage under the grandson of the Late Grandmaster Tian Zhaolin, Sifu Tian Bing Yuan in Shanghai including the Yang Style Baduanjin (Eight Silken Movements) Qigong Form, the 88 Movements Small Frame & Middle Frame Forms and the San Shou Form (64 Sparring Movements). 

IWKA Taiji Timetables

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