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Accomplish your goals. Do something today that your future body & mind will thank you for. Be part of IWKA.

Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA offers effective and practical self-defence skills to people from all walks of life.

The IWKA organisation has a worldwide reputation for teaching high-quality Kung Fu

Programs to cultivate body, mind & energy. The Programs include: IWKA Taiji (Tai Chi), IWKA Wing Tjun (Wing Chun) and IWKA Kids Kung Fu.

The first IWKA Kung Fu School was established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2002 by IWKA Head & Founder Grandmaster Sifu Sergio. The IWKA Kung Fu association is active in 13+ countries worldwide and counts over 50 schools. The IWKA has grown into one of the largest martial arts organisations and has attracted many students from around the world.

Our Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA school (formerly known as "Wing Tsun Brisbane") was founded in 2014 by Sifu Jürgen Baha. Conveniently located in South Brisbane and just down the road on the corner of Grey St & Peel St, opposite the QLD Museum, State Library and GOMA

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Our Kung Fu Programs for adults will help you to become healthier from the start. You are going to breathe better, sleep sounder, and have more energy aside from learning incredible self-defence skills.


Our IWKA Kids programs are unique, highly effective and educational. The Kids Kung Fu Programs have been created with the help of many experts in the field. Teachers, children’s specialists, medical experts and even police officers have contributed to crafting these unique programs for children. 

All our Kung Fu Programs have been created to inspire you and get you motivated to learn this beautiful martial art system. 

When you study Kung Fu with us you will develop a new sense of self. You will find yourself more confident and ready to reach new heights. Self-confidence is what you will develop, which can lead to better performance at school or work, better relationships, and the ability to improve any aspect of your life!

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Our Founding

Sifu Sergio's (founder of the IWKA aka Internal Wisdom and Knowledge Association) dream has always been to spread the message of Wing Tjun Kung Fu in its purest form.

He's always been interested in seeing his students and all IWKA members thrive and achieve better health, strength and fitness by practising Kung Fu. He believes that Kung Fu can have a positive effect on all aspects of one's life.

Let Sifu Sergio's Kung Fu Systems break down your barriers and leap over obstacles so you can become everything you’ve ever wanted to be.


IWKA Brisbane

Sifu Jürgen Baha began his Martial Arts journey over three decades ago

in Germany and has trained Taekwondo as well as Boxing before he

started studying Wing Chun Kung Fu and Escrima in 1995.


He lives and breathes Kung Fu every day, and is very passionate about ancient Chinese Martial Arts and its philosophy. He also loves

Movement & Strength Training and Healthy Nutrition and enjoys helping students from all walks of life in Mastering their Body, Mind and



Sifu Jürgen's dream is to share his Wing Chun & Tai Chi knowledge with as many people as possible, starting here in Brisbane. "With the right guidance, practising a complete Kung Fu System that also focuses on internal cultivation has incredible health benefits which are not only physical. "Spreading this message, helping people to achieve better lifestyles and progress towards & reaching their goals through Kung Fu is why I teach and makes me very happy."

sifu jurgen baha

Where does the name IWKA come from?

IWKA stands for Internal Wisdom & Knowledge Association and was founded by Grand Master Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola. He has carried out extensive research into the history behind this Martial Art. This knowledge is now being shared around the world via the IWKA system.

Sifu Sergio is one of the first westerners to open successful Wing Chun Academies in Hong Kong and Mainland China. There are IWKA schools in several European countries including The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Germany, France, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Australia.

The art of Wing Chun has a number of spellings/ translations but all share the same historical roots around the 1700s. Wing Tjun is the spelling the IWKA uses to distinguish from other systems and lineages. Some other spelling variations you might find are Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun, Weng Chun and Wing Tzun. Wing Chun Kung Fu originated from the fusion of two disciplines; Emei 12 Zhuang and Fujian White Crane and was created for use in short distance fighting.

IWKA Brisbane

At our spacious and fully equipped South Brisbane Kung Fu School, our students learn Sifu Sergio Iadarola’s renowned Kung Fu Systems. The systems are practised by thousands of students in IWKA schools and academies worldwide.

Address details

Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA

9/17 Peel St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

P: 1300 855 330

ABN: 37 982 661 250

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