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General Rules For All Students

  1. Please be on time for classes.

  2. The IWKA uniform must be worn during classes.

  3. To maintain a pleasant training environment please arrive clean and fresh, with your uniform also in an immaculate condition.

  4. Take your shoes off after entering the training room (kwoon) and leave them on the shoe rack, but please wear footwear on your arrival.

  5. Remove ALL items of jewellery, accessories, i.e. watches etc. before training.

  6. Smoking and the consumption of food and alcohol are prohibited in the      Academy/School.

  7. Please take away the bottles of water, towels and other personal items and leave the Academy/School in a tidy condition at the end of every class.

  8. Keep your voice down to not disturb others.

  9. Turn your mobile phone on silent.

  10. Don’t take photos or video/audio recordings, unless you have permission from Sifu.

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Training Room Etiquette

  1. When entering the training room (kwoon) - please pay respect to our IWKA Ancestors — face the wall with their pictures and bow. This must be done every time you enter the kwoon.

  2. Greet your Sifu and Sihings/ Sijes with an open hand and fist and a 45-degree bow.

  3. Always address your Sifu and Sihings/ Sijes by their correct titles and use their titles every time you talk to them and also when they ask you to change exercises, for example: "Yes, Sifu/ Sihing/ Sije", “Excuse me Sifu/...” or "Thank you, Sifu/…".

  4. Always be respectful to your Sifu and Sihings/ Sijes.

  5. If you have a question, please politely approach your Sifu or Sihings/ Sijes (never ask them to come to you).

  6. When your Sifu or Sihing/ Sije has corrected your techniques or assisted you, please make a slight bow as a sign of respect and gratitude.

  7. Only practice what you have been asked to exercise.

  8. Be friendly, respectful and helpful to other students.

  9. Never practice with any equipment unless you have permission.

  10. Do not spar without supervision.

  11. Focus on your program and work towards the next level and grading as guided by your Sifu and Sihing/ Sije.


  1. The fighting techniques you learn must ONLY be used in an emergency situation.

  2. It is prohibited to pass on techniques to people who are not part of the IWKA.

  3. You must not show students on a lower training program the advanced techniques you are learning on a higher training program.

  4. Value the Martial Art (lWKA Kung Fu) that is being taught to you, without hurting the feeling of other fighting styles/martial arts. Approach other schools and their teachers with the respect they deserve.

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