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The best way of hearing about the quality of a school is to hear it directly from the students or the members themselves. The reviews on this page are just a small selection, you can read more reviews and find out what other members are sharing about us in the links below.

Father of a Kung Fu Tiger

Kids Kung Fu Tiger

Peter: "I have been watching my daughter at IWKA Kung Fu for several months now.  I am delighted to observe her improve her skills every week. She is becoming a more confident and thoughtful little girl with every session. I cannot recommend Sifu Jürgen highly enough. His enthusiasm and obvious love of the martial arts is infectious, and  Charlotte has a deep respect for her Sifu Jürgen."

Kung Fu Tiger: "I love Kung Fu because it's fun and I make new friends!"

Kung Fu Tiger Dad

Kids Kung Fu Tigers

Our boys (7 & 8) have been attending IWKA for a year now and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a holistic approach to self-defence. They offer more than just physical training, the boys learn about self-control, self-awareness, respect and discipline. The trainers are very knowledgeable and create an inclusive environment for all levels of ability. Plus they create a fun community-focused environment to train in. I can’t thank Sifu and his team enough for helping to develop our boys into strong, respectful, confident young men.

Wing Tjun Leadership Student


I grew up watching martial art movies and fighting cartoons, in all of them they talked about the path of the warrior and what they need to do to become the best. With that in mind, I went through different disciplines trying to find the path, but I still felt something was missing for me.

Now I’ve taken a once in a lifetime chance grow my inner and outer strength through the ways of Wing Chun, and I can tell that I’m finding that which I was missing.

Sifu Jürgen and my Kung Fu brothers have helped me develop these skills, and now I feel that I am walking the path I’m supposed to walk.


Wing Tjun Leadership & Private Student

Want to learn Wing Chun or Tai Chi in a friendly environment and under expert guidance of an awesome and talented Sifu? IWKA Brisbane is the place to be! Entering the kwoon/kung fu school is my happy moment of the day💃. I have learned heaps so far and the journey still continues.
All Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters are making it all worthwhile too! Can't thank Sifu Jurgen enough for his wonderful teachings. IWKA Brisbane Rocks!


Wing Tjun Leadership & Tai Ji Student

Amazing place to come and dedicate your time. If you are interested in kung fu and taichi then I highly recommend this school. Sifu Juergen is a top quality instructor, the people we train with are great and the syllabus is extraordinary. I have trained in and seen other takes on Wing Chun and Taichi but this school has opened my eyes to a completely new level of depth in regards to what can be achieved with kung fu.
Come in and give it a go!


Wing Tjun Leadership Student

Having trained and practised many different forms of Martial arts in 4 different countries around the world, I know that what I have encountered in the IWKA Wing Chun system is very special indeed. Training under Sifu Jürgen has reinvigorated my passion for mastering my art and furthering my skills. It is also improving my mind, body connection and is ultimately very rewarding for the soul. Thank you Sifu Jürgen for always being prepared to share your knowledge. Your passion for IWKA system is inspiring

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