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My 6-year-old is absolutely enjoying her 2 weekly classes at IWKA. She is becoming confident, active and learning to control her mind and body. It's been a wonderful experience.

Gwen, Mum of a Kung Fu Tiger

More Confidence & Self-Development

Kung Fu can have a positive effect on your child in multiple ways. We have seen many success stories since we have started the Kung Fu Kids Programs here in Australia (Sydney & Brisbane). When children start their Kung Fu journey with us, they will learn the value of hard work and responsibility. Children who practice martial arts, experience benefits that are unlike any other sports. Other physical activities are not as beneficial to what children learn here. In just a short amount of time, you will witness an increase in their confidence, a higher sense of self-worth, and you will see their determination inside and outside of the Kung Fu school! They will:


  • perform better at school

  • become stronger and move better

  • develop a better body-mind connection

  • and much more

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IWKA has a great program for young children. They don’t just teach Kung Fu, but important life skills like respect, confidence and good habits. Highly recommended after-school activity for any child.

Rick, Father of a Kung Fu Tiger

The Ultimate Gift You Can Give Your Child

Our fun and educational Kids & Juniors programs are so much more than learning how to block, punch & kick. The classes have been designed to give children & teenagers the gift of increased emotional and physical self-esteem. The IWKA Kung Fu System is the tool we use to deliver the development and growth of core values such as discipline, respect, loyalty, courage, self-control and more.


Our programs aim to complement and support the development and education children are receiving at home and at school.

The IWKA Kids & IWKA Junior programs have been proven to be very successful in IWKA Academies all over the world in countries like Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Italy, UK and Greece for many years now. 

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IWKA kids kung fu

Grab this #kidsdeal!
valid only until 30 April 2022

Do you want your child to thrive in life, become confident and have lots of fun and are you curious to learn more? Mention our #kidsdeal and your child can join two classes for free (normally $AUD35). 


Six reasons why you should book your trial classes with Brisbane IWKA

#1 You get incredible great value for your time

  • Two kung fu trial classes 

  • Special surprise after participating in both Kids Kung Fu Trial classes

  • Complementary assessment with the instructors. We will provide a few options to see how we can help you to achieve the best for your child. We'll make sure everything is clear so that you can make a well-informed decision if Kung Fu will be a part of your child's life.

#3 Safe learning environment

  • We put safety first in everything we do

  • Your kids will not learn how to fight or spar. They will learn much more. Our focus is to cultivate their body, mind and energy by developing main skills like e.g. concentration, teamwork, discipline & working on their fitness.  

  • There will always be at least two certified instructors per class to ensure classes are run smoothly and safely.

  • Your child will learn how to train Kung Fu, learn techniques for self-defence and have fun with other kids.

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Reason #5

  • Special offer for beginners

  • A well-rounded curriculum that focusses on the fundamental principles and techniques

  • Your child will learn our kung fu system without having to spar

  • Your child will be guided every step of the way

  • Your child will learn in his or her own pace

  • Your child will learn one of the best Kung Fu Systems worldwide

#6 Grading System

  • Gradings will be hosted at least three times a year.

  • All Kung Fu Kids will be individually tested and their progress will be measured during class.

  • Classes are taught according to a comprehensive syllabus with a fully structured grading system.

  • Our instructors will be there to provide extra support for all IWKA Kung Fu parents. We're giving our best to help all kung fu kids to develop themselves to reach their full potential. 

  • Our dedicated instructors will teach your child according to the International IWKA Kids Curriculum. In return, the children will learn to express themselves and be their true selves while learning cool and helpful life skills.

#5 Awesome Kung Fu Family Community

  • Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA is a place to feel at home. It's a place where you feel safe and can get in shape and get rid of stress. All-in-all, it's a fun and positive place to be and to practice Kung Fu.

  • Mutual respect and positivity are two pillars of IWKA Brisbane.

  • Social events are organised including barbeques, movie nights and Chinese New Year celebrations.

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#2 You're child will be a VIP in our trial week and learn lots

  • Your child will get a taste of our well-rounded curriculum that focuses on the fundamental Wing Chun Kung Fu principles and techniques

  • Your child will learn our kung fu system without having to spar

  • Your child will learn our anti-bullying and stranger awareness programs

  • Your child will be guided every step of the way

  • Your child will learn at his or her own pace

  • Your child will learn one of the best Kung Fu Systems worldwide

#4 Your child receives classes that are tailored for children their age

  • We offer three kids programs that are tailored to suit the needs of each age group. Read more

  • A well-rounded curriculum that focuses on the fundamental principles and techniques

  • We offer classes to children from the age of four. However, when your child is only three years old, we encourage you to pre-register your interest for our Panda Classes.

Call us to schedule trial classes for your child or watch this video to get an impression of IWKA Kids Kung Fu:

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