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Martial Arts for kids in Brisbane (4-5 years old)

You might wonder, "Is a 4 or 5-year-old too young to practice martial arts?" The answer to that is: "No", but it depends entirely on what you're after. At our IWKA Kung Fu studio in Brisbane’s CBD, we teach children from 4 years old*. The Kung Fu Panda program for 4-5-year-olds, is aimed at developing coordination, focus, respect, responsibility, social skills and preparing the kids for primary school. These skills are the foundation of a confident and happy child.

*You are invited to pre-register your interest for 3-year-olds here.

Better Coordination & Movement

Fine and gross motor skills are still developing in 4 and 5-year-olds. The skills mentioned before are specially cultivated in this crucial stage of their life. We help each child improve their balance, increase their awareness about their bodies, and reach physical milestones. The lack of correct movements can lead to physical limitations and imbalances, especially while growing up. Getting the appropriate exercise at a young age helps children learn healthy habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Our 4-year old son has learnt so much from being a Kung Fu Panda- Teamwork, Discipline, Self-Control, Fitness, Coordination, Memory, Concentration, Balance... so many great skills to prepare him for school and life in general! The classes are fun and age appropriate and the kids see their skills developing week by week with belt stripes, puzzle pieces and badges that they are so proud to earn! - AN IWKA KIDS KUNG FU MUM

Laser-Sharp Focus

All parents or teachers know that teaching children to focus can be quite a task. An essential component of the Kung Fu Panda classes for pre-schoolers is to help them concentrate better and develop laser-sharp focus. By stimulating their senses, teaching them our kung fu exercises, breathing methods, and our playful and educative lessons, we teach the kids to better concentrate and focus.

Do you think your child is ready for his or her first (free) class at Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA?
Sign up for two free trial classes and come and meet our other Kung Fu Kids and our friendly instructors without any obligation. It's fun!

Developing Social skills

Developing social skills is extremely important for young children, especially when they're preparing for school life. Being confident, capable of speaking up and demonstrating in front of the class, and learning how to be patient by waiting for their turn are just a few examples of social skills that we teach. In our martial arts classes, they will learn these skills to complement lessons learned at home and their school.


Have you ever noticed how articulate a 4-year-old can be in his / her responses in a conversation? At this age, the expansion of communication is in full development, and they can often find words to express themselves. Sometimes, their bluntness surprises us. They pick up things quickly from TV shows, YouTube and friends. Respect is an essential part of any Martial Arts. At our school, instructors are appropriately addressed, for example, with Sihing / Sije (Chinese courtesy form to address senior Kung Fu brothers or sisters). And every class starts and ends with a bow to Instructors and their classmates.


Each lesson contains opportunities to develop a sense of responsibility. For example, when we practice a punching technique, we emphasize that the child should keep his / her hands close to the face to protect themselves. They learn to be responsible for their safety. Being able to guard yourself or being aware of surrounding things in a room seem obvious, but not for easily distracted and excited young kids. These are examples to teach the children in our class to be responsible, just as it is their responsibility to put away toys when done playing, brushing their teeth, etc. Responsibility is a topic that comes back every class, and it's an amazing thing to witness how their behaviour improves over time.

IWKA Kung Fu Pandas

Developed for kids aged 4-5 years

Our pandas aged 4-5 years are the most spontaneous students in our kung fu school. They love playing games, being creative and learning Kung Fu in a fun way. This specific program tailored to this age group focuses more on improving motor skills and teaching them about their spatial awareness. Our Kung Fu Panda Program is specifically tailor-made to the needs of this particular stage of life. Our martial arts school makes learning fun and lays the foundation for confidence, discipline, focus, concentration and other essential skills.

Our Panda Program:

  • Is made for 4-5yr olds

  • Consists of specially designed curriculum specifically for this age group. Teachers, children’s specialists, medical experts and even police officers have contributed to crafting these unique programs for children

  • Progress is tracked through attendance, task lists and our coloured belt system

  • Focusses on developing gross motor skills, coordination, balance, basic self-defence techniques & Wing Chun Kung Fu skills

  • Helps teaching respect, discipline, confidence & self esteem, focus, listening skills and team work

  • Is a martial arts program which emphasises more on the overall development of your child by using Kung Fu

Join our Martial Arts classes for kids

If you are looking for an activity for your child that supports your child in his / her physical, mental, social and emotional development and is also a preparation for primary school and life skills in general - we'd like to encourage you to book a trial class for your child and see the results for yourself. Kung Fu is not only about self-defence, it is the foundation for a balanced lifestyle that can benefit children throughout their lives.

Would you like more information, our lessons or to register for your first Kung Fu (trial) lesson? Contact us by email at or phone 1300 855 330.

Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA

We are located in a beautiful location in the centre of Brisbane. Would you like to experience what Kung Fu and especially Wing Chun can do for your little warrior? Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA is a modern martial arts school for Kung Fu classes. We eat self-defence, confidence and martial arts for breakfast. Our Sifu and certified instructors are trained experts in passing down this ancient martial art. We look very forward to meet you and your 4-5 years old in person.



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