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What is IWKA Kids Kung Fu?

Martial arts can have a positive effect on your child in multiple ways. We have seen many success stories since we have started the Kung Fu Kids’ Programs here in Australia (Sydney & Brisbane). When children start their Kung Fu journey with us, they will learn the value of hard work and responsibility. Children who practice martial arts experience benefits that are unlike any other sports. Other physical activities are not as beneficial to what children learn here. In just a short time, you will witness an increase in their confidence, a higher sense of self-worth, and you will see their determination inside and outside of the Kung Fu school to:

  • perform better at school

  • become stronger and move better

  • develop a better body-mind connection

  • and much more...

These positive traits mentioned before, will be the result of their consistent Kung Fu training. The positive behavioural changes come from self-defence training, but more importantly; they come from changes within your child. We reinforce positive behaviour and we address your child’s fears and doubts. Your child might lack self-esteem or he or she might struggle with a healthy self-image. Issues that don't meet the eye, but these issues are addressed during class.

Examples of inner dialogues your child might be dealing with could be:

“I’m not as clever as Cloe.”

“Why aren't I popular?”

"I want to be as strong as Oliver.”

You probably would like to know how we, a martial arts school, can get your child to overcome their fears. Over the years, our IWKA academies have built highly effective Kids' Specific Kung Fu Programs with the help of educators, teachers and children specialists. The programs are called Pandas (3-5yrs), Tigers (6-8yrs) and Dragons (9-11yrs), and we also have a Kung Fu Jnrs Program for young adolescents from the age of 12-15 years.

IWKA Kids Kung Fu Programs: Pandas, Tigers and Dragons.

The Kids Kung Fu Programs have worked for thousands of children throughout our worldwide IWKA association. Children will learn a series of valuable lessons during their classes.

By helping them defeat self-doubt and break through the potential negative mindset, they can unleash a powerful and nearly unstoppable force. They learn how to instil a “can do” attitude that lets them overcome challenges that they have to face. When your child learns to put a Kung Fu skill (like e.g. discipline) into practice during classes, they are most likely to implement the same principle into other areas of their life as well.

Let us make a powerful impact on your child!

You probably would like to know how it all works, and why our Kung Fu Programs can produce great results for your child. Unlike the majority of other sports, your child will have the ability to nurture and cultivate their natural talents. Many sports rely on strong group dynamics, whereas in our classes, we focus on both teamwork and on the individual, which makes it all more personal. Your child's good efforts will be rewarded with periodically gradings, where they can level up, earn their next patches and sashes.

We have seen many parents being bewildered about their child's development after joining Kung Fu. They've seen improvements in their child's physical (strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and agility) mental and spiritual abilities. The goal of our Kids Kung Fu classes is to support parents and schools, to make children champions in life!

What the parents of our IWKA Kung Fu Kids say about us:

Daniel (Father of two Kung Fu Tigers)

Our boys (7 & 8) have been attending IWKA for a year now, and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a holistic approach to self-defence. They offer more than just physical training, the boys learn about self-control, self-awareness, respect and discipline. The trainers are very knowledgeable and create an inclusive environment for all levels of ability. Plus, they create a fun community-focused environment to train in. I can’t thank Sifu and his team enough for helping to develop our boys into strong, respectful, confident young men.

Rick (Father of a Kung Fu Tiger)

IWKA has an excellent program for young children. They don’t just teach Kung Fu, but essential life skills like respect, confidence and good habits. Highly recommended after school activity for any child.

Gwen (Mother of a Kung Fu Tiger and a Kung Fu Panda)

My 6 year old is absolutely enjoying her 2 weekly classes at IWKA. She is becoming confident, active and learning to control her mind and body. It's been a wonderful experience.

Peter (Father of a Kung Fu Tiger)

I have been watching my daughter at IWKA Kung Fu for several months now. I am delighted to observe her improve her skills every week. She is becoming a more confident and thoughtful little girl with every session. I cannot recommend Sifu Jürgen highly enough. His enthusiasm and obvious love of the martial arts is infectious, and my daughter has a deep respect for her Sifu Jürgen.

View more parents and member reviews here.

Free trial week

To celebrate the launch of our Kung Fu Panda (3-5 years) and Kung Fu Dragons (9-11 years) we have a special for all kids who come in to test-drive one of our programs.

Contact us today to lock in a free trial week!


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