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Kung Fu at Brisbane's Iconic Laura Street Festival

Kids Kung Fu Brisbane at Laura Street Festival
Horse Stance Challenge! Kung Fu for Kids at Laura Street Festival.

We had a blast at Laura Street Festival! We were there with half of our instructor team to provide awesome Kids Kung Fu Workshops at the Kids' Space. Two of our Kung Fu Tigers and our first Kung Fu Dragon were also there to assist their dads and the team.

The kids were having a ball at the kids area. They got introduced to kung fu stances and they practiced how to kick and do palm strikes, the Kung Fu Way. The kids at the Kids' Space were also challenged to train their legs and to test their determination by standing and balancing 5 cones in their horse stance! Check the photos below for an impression of the day.

Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA Kids
Sifu Jurgen at Laura Street Festival

Laura St Festival

Laura Street Festival is a community festival run completely by volunteers and neighbours who are doing it for the love of community and the pure ecstatic joy and fun of it.

Thank you to all the organisers and the volunteers of Laura St Festival. It was a great sunny day filled with music, workshops, food and fun. We simply loved being part of this party and to meet many of our neighbours. We look forward to next year!

Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA Team


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