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IWKA Wing Chun Kung Fu for Women

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art. It is a simplified form of Kung Fu used as a system of self-defence, said to have been created by a woman, a buddhist nun named Ng Mui. In this blog we will explain you more about our Wing Tjun (Wing Chun) Program and we will outline what you can expect in our classes.

What are the benefits of our IWKA WingTjun Kung Fu Programs?

Our Kung Fu training program will cause your body to undergo an incredible transformation once you’re committed to it. Our workouts will make you burn excess calories, tone your muscles, and improve your metabolism.

After taking a few Kung Fu lessons, you will notice differences in your body. You will

breath better, sleep better have more energy, feel stronger and boost your immune system. The IWKA WingTjun Program has been developed to make you feel inspired to move, to get you motivated, especially if you have an interest in Martial Arts. Our instructors are focused on teaching you how to become more energised for challenges inside and outside the kung fu school.

When you join our Kung Fu tribe, you will develop kung fu skills, but also skills like confidence to help you in other areas of your life like your work or in your relationships. Real confidence is what you will develop with our IWKA programs.

Our training program focuses on two aspects

The physical Aspect

You will learn how to strike with power and maximum efficiency. By working on your physical skills, you will become stronger, develop better reflexes, and have better agility. You’ll learn how to ground yourself and learn how to protect yourself systematically. We believe that it is essential - especially for a woman - to know how to defend yourself.

The internal Aspect

Our Ritual Fight Programs (RFP) have been developed to equip students with techniques to prevent fights before they even happen. Discover how you can de-escalate situations and how to avoid potential problems like a pro. The most valuable form of self-defence is to know how to avoid dangerous situations.

Our promise

Our WingTjun Program teaches you to take control of your life, overcome fear, and how to defend yourself instinctively and effectively, without having to rely on any weapons.

What can you expect from an IWKA Kung Fu class in Brisbane?

When you train with us, your training will be done in a group setting. There will be plenty of individual attention, and you will receive personal guidance to improve your Kung Fu.

Your Kung Fu skills will improve over time, as our instructors will pass on more knowledge on to you. The training environment is relaxed and friendly. When you begin your journey with us, we will focus less on the art and philosophy of Wing Chun, and more on the process. Primary focus areas will be body movements and motor skills. The skills and principles learned in class are all applicable to daily life. You will learn how to live in a state of awareness, where you can take advantage of situations that others may not notice. This ability allows you to communicate better and convey your emotions and empathy in new manners that were not possible before.

Contact us today to book in Wing Chun Trial Classes. Or read more about our educational Wing Chun and Tai Chi programs.


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