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Brisbane Ladies Kicking It At Women’s-Only Self-Defence Workshop

On Saturday 9 October, Brisbane ladies assembled at Kung Fu Brisbane’s studio for their fun and practical Women’s-Only Self-Defence Workshop. Our martial arts trainers created a new workshop which included practical self-defence techniques and tactics. The self-defence techniques were based on Wing Chun Kung Fu principles. The Kung Fu techniques covered in the seminar, employed leverage, technique, and timing so that anyone can make them work against larger and stronger opponents regardless of age and physical build.

Our focus was teaching a few practical ways for women to guard themselves from unwanted situations. We handpicked a few techniques that the ladies could use in real-life situations. We also taught the ladies protective behaviours and strategies to help avoid unsafe and dangerous situations.

Welcoming Brisbane Ladies to their Self-Defence Workshop
Welcoming Brisbane Ladies to IWKA's Women's-Only Self-Defence Workshop

IWKA for Women is more than just Self-Defence

We wanted the ladies to get more out of their self-defence workshop and not just focus on the external and physical techniques. Our IWKA’s women's self-defence workshop provided women also valuable health and wellbeing benefits like:

· a fun and social group training environment

· improved confidence after the workshop

· improved general fitness

· stress release

· focus on physical and mental self-defence tactics

Learn Self-Defence for Women with IWKA Brisbane

All fitness levels are welcome. You don’t need to have any martial arts experience to learn self-defence at our IWKA Kung Fu Studio. You will progress, with professional encouragement, at a pace that’s right for you.

  • Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA is a dedicated and air-conditioned martial arts studio, permanently set up for the sole purpose of teaching Kung Fu (Wing Chun and Tai Chi & Qigong) and self-defence

  • Our studio is matted for the comfort and safety of beginners and advanced students of any age

  • Qualified Martial Arts Instructors

  • Fully equipped Kung Fu studio including plenty equipment for every student

Do you want to attend our next Women’s-Only Self-Defence Workshop?

The best way to know if a martial arts self-defence class is right for you is to try it. Contact us here if you are interested in our Women's-Only classes or if you are interested in our mixed-classes. Fill in the form on our contact page and we will be in touch with you.

Photo credits go to robynmillphotographer :-).


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