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Women's Kung Fu Self Defence Workshop

In our most recent IWKA women self-defence workshop, we introduced 12 female participants self-defence strategies and tactics tailored for modern-day women. The kung fu techniques we covered in the seminar employed leverage, technique, and timing so that anyone can make them work against larger and stronger opponents regardless of age and physical build.

Aside from practising practical and easy-to-remember techniques for self-defence, the women also got insights into discouraging possible opponents from the outset through their behaviour since the most effective defence is prevention!

We enjoyed teaching the ladies the basic principles of setting, guarding and defending their boundaries. The energy was fantastic, and we believe that all participants walked away with more confidence and insights than before.

We want to thank all the ladies for their enthusiasm and awesomeness, and we look forward to next time.

Sije Hong & Sifu Jurgen

Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA Team


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